Alternative Finds on Freegal part1: The Vaccines


I love music and usually listen to my iPod in the car or at work. As a Gen-Xer, determined not to get frozen in time with regard to musical taste, I struggle to find new alternative/indie bands to enjoy. Many of the terrestrial radio stations I enjoyed have switched to a heavily pop/mainstream playlist, which just doesn’t do it for me. Then I noticed a link to Freegal at my public library’s website. It is a streaming music service that allows a limited number of weekly downloads. The online collection is vast and consists of artists associated with Sony Music. With a bit of googling “Bands that sound like the Killers/other band that I like” and cross-referencing on the Freegal website, I landed on a few awesome indie acts. I am proud to say that they are of not only of this century, but some are of this decade. Yet, they evoke an essence of the 80’s, similar to The Killers. So I thought I would share my favourites, in a series of posts, starting with  The Vaccines. They are an intelligible fusion of the Strokes (mood), the Ramones (tempo and sound) and Bob Dylan (lyricism). Plus I just love their name.

Check them out below with a smattering of songs from their 3 full length releases. Their 3 albums are full of great songs that I can play on a loop anytime. And use the Freegal link above to see if your library subscribes to this service. If your taxes are paying for it, you might as well check it out.

From What Did you Expect from the Vaccines? 2011




Come of Age 2012




English Graffiti 2015






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I am a Gen Xer movie buff and TV lover. My faves are Film Noir and almost anything dealing with dysfunctional families. I enjoy scripted TV dramas that are peppered with humour. I have a severe allergy to laugh tracks and non-scripted TV.
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