AWOLNATION: I Am (Late to the Party)

AWOLNATION is a band that I was vaguely familiar with. AWOLNATION had a hit song “Sail” that got a lot of airplay a few years ago.



I could take it or leave it. My kids mentioned that they liked it, which I thought was interesting. It is unlike much of what either of them listen to and they don’t agree on most songs. I find it difficult to describe music. The best I can do is to call AWOLNATION a heavy electric rock band.

When I recently I heard their recent hit  “I Am” on the radio, I really liked it and didn’t make the connection with “Sail”.

Before long I started hearing “I Am” everywhere because it was used for a Red Bull video advertisement. No surprise as their label is Red Bull Records. I never knew that the energy drink also had a record label. Go figure.

I decided to download AWOLNATION’s 2 most recent albums (Megalithic Symphony-2011 and Ran-2015). What a treat! “Sail” is still my least favourite song, but now I have so many more AWOLNATION songs that I do like. Better late than never. These songs are perfect for a workout, a commute or listening to at work.

My favourite is “Knights of Shame.” At over 12 minutes long, it has varying styles reminiscent of a clever mashup. There is no official video, but you can at least hear it at the embedded Youtube link below.

If you like what you have heard, check out some of my other favourite AWOLNATION songs, which include the following:

“Hollow Moon”

“Kill Your Heroes”

“This Kids Not Alright”




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